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Katrina Therapy Centre is the first and only out patient rehabilitation centre in the Caribbean that caters to the needs of orthopedic and neurological patients seeking water,​​ physical and electrical therapy all under one roof.​ We are located in picturesque Princes Town (just a cool 15 minutes drive from the city of San Fernando) in Trinidad, W.I.​


Using the ADAAG (ADA Accessibility Guideline for Buildings and Facilities), the centre was built from the ground up with the patient in mind and outfitted with modern equipment, some of which are now available in Trinidad & Tobago for the very first time.​


Katrina Therapy Centre is proud to offer assessment, treatment and rehabilitation on an individual basis​ to patients by certified therapists.




Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 700 pm



9:00 am - 5:00 pm


By appointment only

A referral letter is compulsory


Monday - Friday

5:00 pm



10:00 am


By appointment only




Located in south Trinidad, Katrina Therapy Centre delivers effective physiotherapy treatment for a full range of ​out-patient conditions including:​​​


•  Back & Neck Pain (Lumbago, Whiplash)​

​•  Head Injuries

​•  Joint and Nerve Problems

•  Joint Replacement (Hip, Knee)​

​•  Muscle and Tendon Injuries (Rotator Cuff)​

•  Parkinson's Disease

•  Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis Arthritis​

​•  Sprains and Strains

•  Sports & Spinal Cord Injuries​​


We also offer:


• Arthritis Management

•  Gait & Balance Training​​

•  Muscle Re-education & Strengthening​

•  Neuromuscular Training

•  Physical Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients​​

•  Pre & Post -Op Physiotherapy

•  Stroke Rehabilitation​

•  Upper & Lower Extremity Rehabilitation​​





The indoor Katrina therapeutic, saltwater pool is heated and fitted with stainless steel handrails and safety coping tiles.​​​​​​


It was designed specifically with two distinct platforms to boost neurological and non-weight bearing, orthopedic protocols that treats and conditions both the upper and lower extremities.​



The Katrina therapeutic saltwater pool features:


• Patient lift  

• Swimmers Treadmill

• Underwater Treadmill 

• Functional Performance Grid

• Built-in Therapy Step Station

• Rest Aarea

• Slant Board

• Underwater Parallel Bars

• Gait Training System





Katrina's EStim professional electrotherapy unit uses an electrical current to stimulate nerves and muscles through the skin​ by providing a measure of pain relief. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is often used to reduce swelling,​ muscle spasms and pain in the back and neck which can help to improve both range and movement.​​​​



Our stainless steel accupoint electrode is used for manual stimulation procedures where pin-point control is required (Facial palsy or paralysis). This stimulates the muscles that are infrequently used and helps to prevent muscles from wasting away.​​ This is especially helpful for people that have suffered an injury from an accident or stroke and are unable to use their muscles.



We offer a wide range of current types:


•  Interferential (IFC)

•  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

•  Muscle Stimulator (Galvanic & Faradic)

•  Ultra Reiz

•  Dia Dynamic (DF, MF, CP & LP)




Katrina Therapy Centre is fully air-conditioned and has 528 sq. ft. of dedicated floor space for land based physiotherapy. We boast of a patient loading bay, ADAAG designed hand rails on all ramps and staircases, grab bars in the toilets,​ showers, change area & spa room and hot & cold water.​


Our Katrina Ceiling Mounted Systems (gait and balance trainer) has a run of 20’ each and is located over the treadmill and the parallel bars. This increases patient’s confidence which contributes to visible, positive results for both the patient and his/her family.


Our 4 section traction table is located in a separate air-conditioned room with an attached bathroom for patient privacy.





Our secluded spa room has a walk-in tub (anti slip floor & seat) that allows the patient to walk into it, sit and enjoy a deep soak.​


Warm swirling water offers a therapeutic experience which massages and soothes tired muscles.​


Patients have the option of the whirlpool spa (18 air jets) and/or the full hydrotherapy (6 variable speed water jets).​


Relieve the day’s stress and tensions with our Swedish and Sport massages which are known to “unlock” the tightness in the muscle tissues and ease common painful conditions including joint and circulatory problems.





Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury.
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This material is provided for educational & informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.

Use of the programmes, advice, and information contained in this website is at the sole choice and risk of the reader and

should not be used to diagnose or treat any illness or health problem.​ Exercise is not without its risks and may result in injury.

To reduce the risk of injury, always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Katrina Heated Indoor Salt Water


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How do I obtain Katrina Therapy services?

• Check with your physician to find out whether or not you are a candidate for rehabilitation therapy.
• Get a referral letter from your physician.
• Collate your medical history.
• Call 1 868 655 5132 or e-mail us at <em></em> to make an appointment.
• Clients requiring transfer support must be accompanied by a caregiver to help him/her.

What days are you open?

PHYSIOTHERAPY by Appointment only: Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. DOCTOR by Appointment only: Monday to Friday: 5:30 p.m. Sunday: 10:00 a.m.

Do you accept all forms of payment?

At present we only accept cash until other arrangements can be made. We apologise for this inconvenience.

How skilled are your in-house therapists?

Katrina Therapy Centre works with a cadre of qualified and experienced therapists who are practicing or have practised locally and abroad. All of our physiotherapist are graduates of recognised tertiary institutions.

What should I wear to my therapy visits?

• Wear comfortable clothing which enables you to move freely.
• Remove any jewelry that is loose or hangs away from your body that could get caught in any equipment.
• Comfortable flat footware.

Will you provide a wheelchair?

Yes, there is a covered patient loading bay at the front of the centre and if a wheelchair is required, it is provided. Clients requiring transfer support must be accompanied by a caregiver to help him/her.


What happens on my first visit?

You will meet with one of our certified therapists who will do an evaluation. Based on the findings a treatment plan/program will be determined. The initial evaluation usually takes about 10-15 minutes, after which you can start your program.

How long will each session take?

Each session will take between 45 minutes to 1 hour. These are approximate times and are dependent on the client's stamina.

Will I be supervised?

All therapy will be under the care and supervision of one of our in-house physiotherapist. Katrina Therapy Centre prides itself on its personal individual care.

Is it a problem if I miss or be late for a session?

Katrina Therapy Centre works on appointments and values our clients’ time. If you know you cannot make a session, please call and re-schedule. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, if our schedule permits we shall accommodate you otherwise you must be prepared to re-schedule.

Can I bring anyone to my session?

Katrina Therapy Centre encourages active participation from family members/caregivers throughout the rehabilitation process. Family members/caregivers may be asked to participate in therapy sessions when needed for education, and for practicing skills in preparation for therapy at home.

Can I combine other Katrina Therapy services on same day?

Yes, only if recommended by our in-house physiotherapist.


What can I expect when I come for aqua therapy?

• Individual attention by a certified physiotherapist.
• A spacious, private, safe and clean environment.
• A private bathroom located on the pool deck for bathing, dressing and storing personal effects.

What makes Katrina Therapy pool so different from my pool at home?

• Our pool is an indoor heated, therapeutic, saltwater pool designed specifically for aqua therapy.
• ADA compliant patient lift to help clients in and out of the pool.
• A variable speed jet propulsion system for infinite swimming.
• We have most aquatic therapy and rehab accessories available for use.

If my physician recommends aqua therapy, will I be guaranteed of this service as part of my rehabilitation program?

No, the program will be approved by one of our in-house physiotherapist.

Can I use the therapeutic pool although I cannot swim?

Yes. Aquatic therapy is appropriate even for those individuals who cannot swim.

Can I use the pool for my own exercises?

No, all programs are designed by, and are under the supervision of one of our in-house physiotherapist. The therapeutic saltwater pool is not for recreational use or aqua aerobics that do not fall under the client’s recommended rehabilitation program.

If I have a skin condition can I still use the pool?

No. Use of pool is contraindicated for clients with open wounds, infections (urinary, skin, eye and ear), skin conditions such as tinea (athletes foot, jock itch, ringworm), rashes and patrons who have had recent radiotherapy.

If I have incontinence, diarrhea or menstruating, can I still use the pool?

No, this is a therapeutic pool, any accident requires clean-up and closure of pool for 72 hours. Maintenance cost will be billed to the client.

Can I wear hearing aids when in the pool?

It is not recommended, but this will be at your discretion.

Can I wear glasses or contacts when in the pool?

It is up to your discretion. There is a chance of you getting splashed.

What are your care and maintenance routine of the therapeutic pool?

The recirculation system is operated continually 15 hours per day with the pool water temperature being maintained at 32.22°C (celsius) / 90°F (fahrenheit). We test our pool every week to ensure proper chlorine, PH and alkalinity levels are maintained. Back-washing of the filter is completed every 3 months or sooner if required.

What do I need to have to complete an aqua therapy session?

• Bathing suit or swim trunks (polyester is best, lycra or spandex)
• Towel.
• Personal shower items.
• Clean water shoes are welcome.
• Hair should be free of all products and secured preferably in a swimming cap.
• No revealing bathing suits
• No jewelery or cosmetics
• No body lotions, lipstick, powder, perfume, etc.

I am a bit self-conscious; will I share the pool with any other person?

Katrina Therapy Centre wants to ensure privacy and dignity of clients. Unless it is a family member and it is agreed by both physiotherapist and client, only the physiotherapist, caregiver, and employee, (patient lift and harness operator) of the centre is allowed in the pool area during the session.













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